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Founded in May 2013, Megadu Real Estate is a boutique real estate agency located in Melbourne's leafy eastern suburb, dedicated to providing the highest standard of service through a distinctive and successful approach. Most of our people are experienced estate agents who have been working in the real estate industry for years with great understanding of local and overseas buyers from different cultures.

We provide real estate services to all areas of Melbourne. Apart from residential properties, we are also specialising in dealing with large rural and commercial properties, such as farms, vineyards and hotels.


Loyalty, Sincerity, Integrity and Respect.


To develop and build the business within a dynamic environment that constantly challenges itself to further improve and reach unprecedented levels of excellence in the real estate industry.


To consistently elevate the standard of our work. In doing so, we will better serve the needs of our clients by providing a complete level of service and added values.


However enthusiastic the agent and however successful the client, it is the positive interaction between the two that makes for an effective outcome.

Good deal doesn't just happen. It grows as much out of the agent's understanding of his/her client's needs as the agent's understanding of his/her chosen sources in which it must added value.

At MEGADU REAL ESTATE, we believe that good professionals are good strategists. We further believe a perfect project is achieved through quality servicing.


To make value that makes our clients' dreams come home.


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